1941 - Counter Attack 1941     SHOOTING
  1942 1942     SHOOTING
  1943 1943     SHOOTING
  1943 - The Battle Of Midway 1943     SHOOTING
  1944: The Loop Master 1944     SHOOTING
  1945k III 1945kiii SHOOTING
  19XX: The War Against Destiny 19xx     SHOOTING
  Acrobat Mission acrobatm SHOOTING
  Acrobatic Dog-Fight dogfgt   SHOOTING
  Act-Fancer Cybernetick Hyper Weapon actfancr SHOOTING
  Aerial Assault aassault SHOOTING
  Aero Fighters aerofgt  SHOOTING
  Aero Fighters 2 / Sonic Wings 2 sonicwi2 SHOOTING
  Aero Fighters 3 / Sonic Wings 3 sonicwi3 SHOOTING
  After Burner II aburner2 SHOOTING
  Air Attack airattck SHOOTING
  Air Buster airbustr SHOOTING
  Air Duel airduel  SHOOTING
  Air Gallet agallet  SHOOTING
  Airwolf airwolf  SHOOTING
  Airwolf airwolf  SHOOTING
  Ajax ajax     SHOOTING
  Alien 3: The Gun alien3   SHOOTING
  Alien Syndrome aliensyn SHOOTING
  Alligator Hunt aligatun SHOOTING
  Alpha Mission II / ASO II - Last Guardian alpham2  SHOOTING
  Anatomic Man anatman  SHOOTING
  Andro Dunos androdun SHOOTING
  Aqua Jack aquajack SHOOTING
  Arbalester arbalest SHOOTING
  Area 51 area51   SHOOTING
  Ark Area arkarea  SHOOTING
  Armed Formation armedf   SHOOTING
  Armed Police Batrider batrider SHOOTING
  Arrow Flash aflash   SHOOTING
  Ashura Blaster ashura   SHOOTING
  ASO - Armored Scrum Object aso      SHOOTING
  Asteroids asteroid SHOOTING
  Asteroids Deluxe astdelux SHOOTING
  Astro Blaster astrob   SHOOTING
  Astro Fighter astrof   SHOOTING
  Astro Invader astinvad SHOOTING
  Asuka & Asuka asuka    SHOOTING
  Atax atax     SHOOTING
  Aurail aurail   SHOOTING
  B-Wings bwings   SHOOTING
  Bang! bang     SHOOTING
  Bank Panic bankp    SHOOTING
  Batsugun batsugun SHOOTING
  Battlantis battlnts SHOOTING
  Battle Bakraid bbakraid SHOOTING
  Battle Chopper bchopper SHOOTING
  Battle Cruiser M-12 bcruzm12 SHOOTING
  Battle Garegga bgaregcn SHOOTING
  Battle Rangers battlera SHOOTING
  Battle Zone bzone    SHOOTING
  Beamrider bmrider  SHOOTING
  Bells & Whistles blswhstl SHOOTING
  Bermuda Triangle bermudat SHOOTING
  Berzerk berzerk  SHOOTING
  Bio-Hazard Battle bhbattle SHOOTING
  Bio-ship Paladin bioship  SHOOTING
  Black Heart blkheart SHOOTING
  Blast Off blastoff SHOOTING
  Blaze On blazeon  SHOOTING
  Blazing Star blazstar SHOOTING
  Blazing Thunder blthundr SHOOTING
  Blood Bros. bloodbro SHOOTING
  Blue Hawk bluehawk SHOOTING
  Bosconian bosco    SHOOTING
  Break Thru brkthru  SHOOTING
  Bucky O'Hare bucky    SHOOTING
  Cabal cabal    SHOOTING
  Captain Tomaday ctomaday SHOOTING
  Carcharodon: White Sharks crchrdon SHOOTING
  Carnival carnival SHOOTING
  Carrier Air Wing cawing   SHOOTING
  Centipede centiped SHOOTING
  Cheyenne cheyenne SHOOTING
  Chiller chiller  SHOOTING
  Chimera Beast chimerab SHOOTING
  Choplifter chplftbl SHOOTING
  Chopper I chopper  SHOOTING
  Chronos: A Tapestry of Time chronos  SHOOTING
  Cobra-Command cobracom SHOOTING
  Combat combat   SHOOTING
  Commando commando SHOOTING
  Commando commando SHOOTING
  Cop 01 cop01    SHOOTING
  Cosmic Alien cosmica  SHOOTING
  Cosmic Cop cosmccop SHOOTING
  Cosmic Guerilla cosmicg  SHOOTING
  Cosmo Gang The Video cosmogng SHOOTING
  Cotton cotton   SHOOTING
  Cotton 2 cotton2  SHOOTING
  Cotton Boomerang cottonbm SHOOTING
  Crackshot cracksht SHOOTING
  Crossbow crossbow SHOOTING
  Cybattler cybattlr SHOOTING
  Cybernoid II: The Revenge cbrnoid2 SHOOTING
  Cyvern cyvern   SHOOTING
  D-Con dcon     SHOOTING
  Daioh daioh    SHOOTING
  Dangerous Seed dangseed SHOOTING
  Dangerous Seed dangseed SHOOTING
  Dangun Feveron dfeveron SHOOTING
  Darius darius   SHOOTING
  Darius Gaiden - Silver Hawk dariusg  SHOOTING
  Darwin 4078 darwin   SHOOTING
  Dead Angle deadang  SHOOTING
  Dead Connection deadconx SHOOTING
  Defend the Terra Attack on the Red UFO redufo   SHOOTING
  Defender defender SHOOTING
  Depthcharge depthch  SHOOTING
  Desert Strike - Return to the Gulf dstrike  SHOOTING
  Desert War desertwr SHOOTING
  Devastators devstors SHOOTING
  Dimahoo dimahoo  SHOOTING
  DoDonPachi ddonpach SHOOTING
  Dog Fight dogfight SHOOTING
  DonPachi donpachi SHOOTING
  Dr. Toppel's Adventure drtoppel SHOOTING
  Dragon Blaze dragnblz SHOOTING
  Dragon Breed dbreed   SHOOTING
  Dragon Gun dragngun SHOOTING
  Dragon Saber dsaber   SHOOTING
  Dragon Spirit dspirit  SHOOTING
  Dynamite Duke dynduke  SHOOTING
  E.D.F. : Earth Defense Force edf      SHOOTING
  Eco Fighters ecofghtr SHOOTING
  Eight Forces eightfrc SHOOTING
  Empire City: 1931 empcity  SHOOTING
  Enforce enforce  SHOOTING
  Escape from the Planet of the Robot Monsters eprom    SHOOTING
  ESP Ra.De. esprade  SHOOTING
  Exed Exes exedexes SHOOTING
  Exerion exerion  SHOOTING
  Exzisus exzisus  SHOOTING
  Fantasy Zone fantzone SHOOTING
  Fighting Hawk fhawk    SHOOTING
  Final Star Force fstarfrc SHOOTING
  Finalizer - Super Transformation finalizr SHOOTING
  Fire Shark fireshrk SHOOTING
  Fireblaster fireblst SHOOTING
  FixEight fixeighb SHOOTING
  Flying Shark fshark   SHOOTING
  Flying Shark fshark   SHOOTING
  Forgotten Worlds forgottn SHOOTING
  Formation Z formatz  SHOOTING
  Galaga galaga   SHOOTING
  Galaga '88 galaga88 SHOOTING
  Galaxian galaxian SHOOTING
  Galaxy Force 2 gforce2  SHOOTING
  Galaxy Gunners galaxygn SHOOTING
  Galaxy Wars galxwars SHOOTING
  Gang Busters gbusters SHOOTING
  Gaplus gaplus   SHOOTING
  Gekirindan gekirido SHOOTING
  Gemini Wing gemini   SHOOTING
  Ghost Pilots gpilots  SHOOTING
  Gi Joe gijoe    SHOOTING
  Giga Wing gigawing SHOOTING
  Gigandes gigandes SHOOTING
  Gokujyou Parodius gokuparo SHOOTING
  Gondomania gondo    SHOOTING
  Gorf gorf     SHOOTING
  Gorf gorf     SHOOTING
  Gradius III grdius3e SHOOTING
  Gratia - Second Earth gratia   SHOOTING
  Grid Seeker: Project Stormhammer gseeker  SHOOTING
  Gulf War II gulfwar2 SHOOTING
  Gun & Frontier gunfront SHOOTING
  Gun.Smoke gunsmoke SHOOTING
  Gunbird gunbird  SHOOTING
  Gunbird 2 gunbird2 SHOOTING
  Gunbuster gunbustr SHOOTING
  Gundhara gundhara SHOOTING
  Gunfright gnfright SHOOTING
  Gunlock gunlock  SHOOTING
  GunNail gunnail  SHOOTING
  Guwange guwange  SHOOTING
  Gyrodine gyrodine SHOOTING
  Gyruss gyruss   SHOOTING
  Hal21 hal21    SHOOTING
  Halley's Comet halleys  SHOOTING
  Harrier Attack! hattack  SHOOTING
  Heavy Barrel hbarrel  SHOOTING
  Heavy Metal hvymetal SHOOTING
  Hellfire hellfire SHOOTING
  Hellfire hellfire SHOOTING
  Hit 'n Miss hitnmiss SHOOTING
  Hotdog Storm hotdogst SHOOTING
  Hybris hybris   SHOOTING
  Hydra hydra    SHOOTING
  Ikari Warriors ikari    SHOOTING
  Image Fight imgfight SHOOTING
  In The Hunt inthunt  SHOOTING
  Insector X insectx  SHOOTING
  Jackal jackal   SHOOTING
  Jail Break jailbrek SHOOTING
  Jetpac jetpac   SHOOTING
  Juno First junofrst SHOOTING
  K-razy Shoot-Out krazyso  SHOOTING
  Katakis katakis  SHOOTING
  KiKi KaiKai kikikai  SHOOTING
  Kingdom Grandprix kingdmgp SHOOTING
  Last Resort lresort  SHOOTING
  Legendary Wings lwings   SHOOTING
  Lethal Enforcers lethalen SHOOTING
  Lethal Thunder lethalth SHOOTING
  Liberation liberate SHOOTING
  Lightning Fighters lgtnfght SHOOTING
  Lunar Jetman lnjetman SHOOTING
  Lunar Rescue lrescue  SHOOTING
  Macross Plus macrossp SHOOTING
  Mad Planets mplanets SHOOTING
  Mad Shark madshark SHOOTING
  Magmax magmax   SHOOTING
  Mariner mariner  SHOOTING
  Mars Matrix: Hyper Solid Shooting mmatrix  SHOOTING
  Maximum Force maxforce SHOOTING
  Mazinger Z mazinger SHOOTING
  Mechanized Attack mechatt  SHOOTING
  Mega SWIV megaswiv SHOOTING
  Megatack megatack SHOOTING
  Mercs mercs    SHOOTING
  Meta Fox metafox  SHOOTING
  Metal Hawk metlhawk SHOOTING
  Missile Command missile  SHOOTING
  Moon Cresta mooncrst SHOOTING
  Moon Patrol mpatrol  SHOOTING
  Moon Quasar moonqsr  SHOOTING
  Mutant Night mnight   SHOOTING
  MX5000 mx5000   SHOOTING
  Mystic Riders mysticri SHOOTING
  N.Y. Captor nycaptor SHOOTING
  NAM-1975 nam1975  SHOOTING
  Narc narc     SHOOTING
  Nebulas Ray nebulray SHOOTING
  Nemesis nemesis  SHOOTING
  New York! New York! nyny     SHOOTING
  Ninja Commando ncommand SHOOTING
  Nostradamus nost     SHOOTING
  Nova 2001 nov2001u SHOOTING
  Omega Fighter omegaf   SHOOTING
  One Shot One Kill oneshot  SHOOTING
  Operation Thunderbolt othunder SHOOTING
  Operation Wolf opwolf   SHOOTING
  Operation Wolf 3 opwolf3  SHOOTING
  Out Zone outzone  SHOOTING
  Ozon I ozon1    SHOOTING
  P-47 - Phantom Fighter p47      SHOOTING
  P-47 Aces p47aces  SHOOTING
  Parodius DA! parodius SHOOTING
  Phelios phelios  SHOOTING
  Phoenix phoenix  SHOOTING
  Pirates pirates  SHOOTING
  Pleiads pleiads  SHOOTING
  Plus Alpha plusalph SHOOTING
  Point Blank ptblank  SHOOTING
  Point Blank 2 ptblank2 SHOOTING
  Pollux pollux   SHOOTING
  Pooyan pooyan   SHOOTING
  Prehistoric Isle 2 preisle2 SHOOTING
  Prehistoric Isle in 1930 prehisle SHOOTING
  Progear progear  SHOOTING
  R-Shark rshark   SHOOTING
  R-Type rtypeu   SHOOTING
  R-Type rtype    SHOOTING
  R-Type II rtype2   SHOOTING
  R-Type Leo rtypeleo SHOOTING
  Rabio Lepus rabiolep SHOOTING
  Radar Scope radarscp SHOOTING
  Radical Radial radrad   SHOOTING
  Raiden raiden   SHOOTING
  Raiden Fighters rdft     SHOOTING
  Raiden Fighters 2 rdft2    SHOOTING
  Raiden Fighters Jet rfjet    SHOOTING
  Raiden Trad raidentr SHOOTING
  Raiga - Strato Fighter stratof  SHOOTING
  Rambo III rambo3   SHOOTING
  Rambo III rambo3ae SHOOTING
  Rambo: First Blood Part II rambo    SHOOTING
  Rampart rampart  SHOOTING
  Rapid Hero raphero  SHOOTING
  Ray Storm raystorm SHOOTING
  Red Baron redbaron SHOOTING
  Return of the Invaders retofinv SHOOTING
  Rezon rezon    SHOOTING
  River Raid rivrraid SHOOTING
  Robotron 2084 rbtr2084 SHOOTING
  Ryu Jin ryujin   SHOOTING
  S.S. Mission ssmissin SHOOTING
  Saint Dragon stdragon SHOOTING
  Salamander salamand SHOOTING
  Salamander 2 salmndr2 SHOOTING
  Sand Scorpion sandscrp SHOOTING
  SAR - Search And Rescue searchar SHOOTING
  Satan of Saturn satansat SHOOTING
  Satan's Hollow shollow  SHOOTING
  Saturn saturn   SHOOTING
  Scramble scramble SHOOTING
  Scramble Spirits sspirits SHOOTING
  SD Gundam Neo Battling neobattl SHOOTING
  SDI - Strategic Defense Initiative sdi      SHOOTING
  Sea Wolf seawolf  SHOOTING
  Sea Wolf II seawolf2 SHOOTING
  Section Z sectionz SHOOTING
  Sengeki Striker sengekis SHOOTING
  Sengoku Ace sngkace  SHOOTING
  Senjyo senjyo   SHOOTING
  Sexy Parodius sexyparo SHOOTING
  Shoot Out shootout SHOOTING
  Side Arms - Hyper Dyne sidearms SHOOTING
  Silk Worm silkworm SHOOTING
  Silkworm slkworm  SHOOTING
  Sky Alert skyalert SHOOTING
  Sky Fox skyfox   SHOOTING
  Sky Kid skykid   SHOOTING
  Sky Lancer skylancr SHOOTING
  Sky Soldiers skysoldr SHOOTING
  Slap Fight (bootleg) slapbtuk SHOOTING
  Smash T.V. smashtv  SHOOTING
  Soldier Girl Amazon amazon   SHOOTING
  Son Of Phoenix sonofphx SHOOTING
  Sonic Wings Limited sncwgltd SHOOTING
  Space Bomber sbomberb SHOOTING
  Space Encounters spcenctr SHOOTING
  Space Firebird spacefb  SHOOTING
  Space Invaders invaders SHOOTING
  Space Invaders Part II invadpt2 SHOOTING
  Speak & Rescue speakres SHOOTING
  Spiders spiders  SHOOTING
  Spinal Breakers spinlbrk SHOOTING
  Star Castle starcas  SHOOTING
  Star Force starforc SHOOTING
  Star Goose! strgoose SHOOTING
  Star Wars starwars SHOOTING
  Stargate stargate SHOOTING
  Stinger stinger  SHOOTING
  Storm Blade stmblade SHOOTING
  Strike Force strkforc SHOOTING
  Strikers 1945 s1945    SHOOTING
  Strikers 1945 II s1945ii  SHOOTING
  Strikers 1945 III / Strikers 1999 s1945iii SHOOTING
  Strikers 1945 Plus s1945p   SHOOTING
  Super Cobra scobra   SHOOTING
  Super Space Invaders '91 ssi      SHOOTING
  Super Spacefortress Macross macross  SHOOTING
  Super Stingray sstingry SHOOTING
  Super-X superx   SHOOTING
  Task Force Harrier tharrier SHOOTING
  Tazz-Mania tazmania SHOOTING
  Tempest tempest  SHOOTING
  Tengai / Sengoku Blade: Sengoku Ace Episode II tengai   SHOOTING
  Terminator 2 - Judgment Day term2    SHOOTING
  Terra Cresta terracre SHOOTING
  Terra Force terraf   SHOOTING
  The Last Day lastday  SHOOTING
  The Penetrator pntrator SHOOTING
  The Punisher punisher SHOOTING
  Thunder Ceptor tceptor  SHOOTING
  Thunder Cross thunderx SHOOTING
  Thunder Cross II thndrx2  SHOOTING
  Thunder Dragon tdragon  SHOOTING
  Thunder Dragon 2 tdragon2 SHOOTING
  Thunder Zone thndzone SHOOTING
  Thundercade - Twin Formation tndrcade SHOOTING
  ThunderForce AC tfrceac  SHOOTING
  Tickee Tickats tickee   SHOOTING
  Tiger Heli (bootleg 1) tigerhb1 SHOOTING
  Time Pilot timeplt  SHOOTING
  Time Soldiers timesold SHOOTING
  Tokio / Scramble Formation (bootleg) tokiob   SHOOTING
  Total Carnage totcarn  SHOOTING
  Truxton truxton  SHOOTING
  Truxton / Tatsujin truxton  SHOOTING
  Truxton II / Tatsujin II / Tatsujin Oh truxton2 SHOOTING
  Tube Panic tubep    SHOOTING
  Tunnel Hunt tunhunt  SHOOTING
  Turbo Force turbofrc SHOOTING
  Twin Cobra twincobr SHOOTING
  Twin Cobra 2 tcobra2  SHOOTING
  Twin Eagle - Revenge Joe's Brother twineagl SHOOTING
  Twin Eagle II - The Rescue Mission twineag2 SHOOTING
  Twin Falcons twinfalc SHOOTING
  U.N. Squadron unsquad  SHOOTING
  Ultra X Weapons ultrax   SHOOTING
  Valtric valtric  SHOOTING
  Vanguard vanguard SHOOTING
  Vapor Trail - Hyper Offence Formation vaportra SHOOTING
  Varia Metal vmetal   SHOOTING
  Varth - Operation Thunderstorm varth    SHOOTING
  Vasara vasara   SHOOTING
  Vasara 2 vasara2  SHOOTING
  Vastar vastar   SHOOTING
  Victory Road victroad SHOOTING
  Viewpoint viewpoin SHOOTING
  Vimana vimana   SHOOTING
  Viper Phase 1 viprp1   SHOOTING
  Vs. Duck Hunt duckhunt SHOOTING
  Vs. Freedom Force vsfdf    SHOOTING
  Vs. Gumshoe vsgshoe  SHOOTING
  Vs. Hogan's Alley hogalley SHOOTING
  Vulcan Venture vulcan   SHOOTING
  Vulgus vulgus   SHOOTING
  Who Dares Wins II wdw2     SHOOTING
  Who Dunit whodunit SHOOTING
  Wild Pilot wildplt  SHOOTING
  Wings of Death wodeath  SHOOTING
  Wings of Fury wofury   SHOOTING
  World Wars worldwar SHOOTING
  X Multiply xmultipl SHOOTING
  Xenon xenon    SHOOTING
  Xenon 2 - Megablast xenon2   SHOOTING
  Xevious xevious  SHOOTING
  Xevious 3D/G xevi3dg  SHOOTING
  Xexex xexex    SHOOTING
  Yamato yamato2  SHOOTING
  Zaviga zaviga   SHOOTING
  Zaxxon zaxxon   SHOOTING
  Zed Blade / Operation Ragnarok zedblade SHOOTING
  Zero Point zeropnt  SHOOTING
  Zero Point 2 zeropnt2 SHOOTING
  Zero Wing zerowing SHOOTING
  Zero Wing zerowing SHOOTING
  Zing Zing Zip zingzip  SHOOTING
  Zoar zoar     SHOOTING
  Zombie Raid zombraid SHOOTING
  Zone Ranger zranger  SHOOTING

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